AwakeningNow Prayer Network

AwakeningNow Prayer Network is answering the call of Christ in our times through:


Prayer Assemblies (Ohio’s 88Counties)  |  24/7 Prayer Torch  |  Healing and Miracle Services  |  Political Action Groups  |

Believer Priest Weekends  |  Teaching on Awakening and Reformation  |  The War Eagles Service  |  The Prophetic Summit


24/7 Prayer Torch - we currently have 12 Prayer Torches circulating throughout churches, houses of prayer, even prisons in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Florida, and N. Carolina.  We ask each location to host the prayer torch for one week (24/7).  People sign up to take one hour or more.  The focus of the week is Awakening and Reformation, Revival, the Seven Mountains (Religion, Government, Family, Arts & Entertainment, Business, Education, and Media), Current events/issues in our state, upcoming elections, etc.  At the end of one week we ask for the Torch to be passed to the next location (if this is not possible it can be returned to us).  To host a Prayer Torch in your area please contact katelyn@oasiswired.org.


War Eagle Service -  The Lord downloaded a prophetic word to Apostle Tim regarding the coming generation.  He called them His War Eagles.  After receiving the Word, Tim put in over 100 hours of study to see exactly what this meant.  The result was the message on War Eagles.  This word has been published on the Elijah List and has gone viral across the United States.  Apostle Tim is available to bring this message to your church.  To schedule: contact katelyn@oasiswired.org


Prophetic Summit - Every year we host a Prophetic Summit at the beginning of the year.  We invite well known Prophets to come and speak into us the word of the Lord for the current year. This is always a fantastic, strategic night - no preaching, just prophetic words released!


Dr. Tim Sheets is apostle and senior pastor of The Oasis in Middletown, Ohio with his wife, Carol Sheets. He is a graduate of Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas and received his Doctorate of Divinity from Christian Life School of Theology. Upon graduation from CFNI in 1979, God led him to Middletown with a vision to “take the city” for God. In 2003, Dr. Sheets founded Destiny Bible School,  a school with an emphasis on equipping believers for active ministry, and he believes his job is to do just that: equip and mobilize the saints to do the work of the ministry. Dr. Sheets is also an accomplished author and has taught in more than 80 Bible schools around America and the world. He has authored four books: Angel Armies, Armed and Battle Ready, Being Led by the Spirit, and Heaven Made Real.


Visit TimSheets.org for more information and resources.





Prayer Assembly

The Prayer Assembly is a county wide call to prayer. Dr. Sheets leads the evening, along with a worship team, intercessors, and Apostolic council for Ohio. To schedule this, a host Pastor and church is needed for the county. Pastors and churches from the surrounding area are invited to come and pray together. Prayer points (decrees) will be made. The Host Pastor and Pastors attending are encouraged to participate. It’s important for authority in that county to be heard. This service is 1 ½ - 2 hours long. There are 88 counties in Ohio and the Lord’s call is to hold a Prayer Assembly in each one. We are not quite halfway to that call. If you are willing to host one in your county please give us your contact information. We will contact you and provide available dates. Simply click here to get started.

Supernatural Assembly

Reformation Prayer Network’s “Supernatural Assembly” is a county wide service to pray for the sick. Dr. Sheets leads this assembly. A brief explanation on Christ’s covenant to heal His people is given. Then, all desiring prayer will have hands laid upon them and the prayer of faith will be prayed. God has promised to confirm His Word with signs, wonders, and miracles. Yes, we do see healings and miracles in these services!
 To see about scheduling a Supernatural Assembly click here.

Revival and Reformation Assembly

This is a night when Dr. Sheets teaches on the need for Awakening in Christ’s church and Revival in America. We are at a tipping point moment and the church must rise and face the challenge of a society and culture in moral decline. Like David facing Goliath, we must stand for the cause of Christ with unflinching determination. Can we see the greatest revival and harvest in history? Absolutely yes! The greatest days in church history are not in the past, they are in our future. On this night, the body of Christ is challenged to respond to Holy Spirit’s call for a new movement. One that He empowers, one that represents Jesus well. This is a night of bold preaching to stand up for Christ’s cause. To host this one night service click here.




Current Events/Issues We Are Praying For:



1.  Heroin Epidemic - Ohio has an epidemic of Heroin users and deaths.


2.  Human Trafficking - fastest browning criminal enterprise.  There are an estimated 1078 Ohio children who become victims every year.


3.  We pray for Israel.


4.  We pray for all of our Government Leaders.





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